Colorado Guardianship

Colorado Guardianship Guardianships in Colorado are intended to provide oversight, protection, and care to minors and adults in certain situations. Generally, a legal guardian is an individual who has been appointed by the court to manage the daily needs of a ward, the person subject to the Colorado guardianship. As


Probate in Colorado

Probate in Colorado Probate is the legal process wherein a deceased person’s property is distributed to their heirs and beneficiaries. Debt that is owed to creditors is also addressed during probate. Typically, a last will and testament is in place to direct these efforts. However, in the instance where


Beneficiary Deeds in Colorado

Beneficiary Deeds in Colorado A transfer on death deed (known as a beneficiary deed in Colorado) is a document that allows you to pass ownership of property to an individual or entity without the necessity of probate. In Colorado, a beneficiary deed is defined as “a deed, subject to revocation

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