The Four Types of Will Gifts

The Four Types of Will Gifts When a testator wants their last will and testament to outline gifts they’ll be leaving to their beneficiaries (known as bequests), there are four different will gifts a testator can consider. Knowing the difference between the four types of will gifts helps a testator decide

Family Trusts in Colorado

Family Trusts in Colorado - What They Are and Why They Matter Colorado Family Trusts - What you Need to Know Although many people have heard the term family trust before, it’s common for those same people to struggle defining exactly what a family trust is. This article sheds light on

Colorado Guardianship

Colorado Guardianship Guardianships in Colorado are intended to provide oversight, protection, and care to minors and adults in certain situations. Generally, a legal guardian is an individual who has been appointed by the court to manage the daily needs of a ward, the person subject to the Colorado guardianship. As a

Probate in Colorado

Probate in Colorado Probate in Colorado is the legal process wherein a deceased person’s property is distributed to their heirs and beneficiaries. Debt that is owed to creditors is also addressed during Colorado probate. Typically, a last will and testament is in place to direct these efforts. However, in the

Beneficiary Deeds in Colorado

Beneficiary Deeds in Colorado What Is A Colorado Transfer On Death Deed? A Colorado transfer on death deed (known as a beneficiary deed in Colorado) is a document that allows you to pass ownership of property to an individual or entity without the necessity of probate court. In Colorado, a

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