Mediation & Facilitation


Mediation, Family Meetings & Facilitation

Because we are experienced litigators, we understand the financial and emotional toll probate litigation can take on individuals and families. We also know that sometimes the best solution is a creative one crafted outside the strict rules and limitations of a court proceeding.

To help facilitate better solutions, Brestel Bucar, Ltd offers mediation to help settle your case. Our attorneys are able to evaluate different situations, and use their practical experience to help families and parties find common ground and agreeable solutions in disputes involving estates, guardianships and conservatorships, gifting to family members, financial exploitation, and the care plan for loved ones. We are able to act as mediators because we truly believe that with strong communication and rational perspectives, most cases can be settled outside of court without incurring the financial and emotional cost of litigating – often against family members. If your case involves family law issues, we are able to provide competent referrals to family law service providers to ensure that all our clients’ needs are met. If your case could use a neutral mediator or facilitator, contact Brestel Bucar, Ltd today.



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